Encrption and CS Quiz

You can see the Japanese version here

Computer Science in English (CS in English) Vol.3, No.5 “Encryption/Decryption and CSQuiz” This is an online event announcement.

Apply : https://bit.ly/csinenglish5

Engineers from Seattle will conduct classes in English, connected in real-time via video conference tool. Everyone will use the same material and quizzes and hands-on activities.

The teacher and students distributed across the world are connected via Zoom. They will interact with each other in small groups in Zoom breakout rooms.

Even if you don’t understand English well, we will make it fun!

The first event was held in April, and nearly 90 children and adults from all over Japan, the United States, China, Australia, and other countries participated online!

The second, third, fourth events were held in June, August, October, and nearly 100 children participated in each event. This event is the fifth class.

Japan Time

Date: December 6 (Sunday)

Time: 9:30 - 11:30

Pacific Time

Date: December 5 (Saturday)

Time: 16:30-18:30


“Encryption & CS Quiz”

Computer Science Education Week will start from December 7. So, The first half of the week will be devoted to learning the basics of encryption using Google’s CSFirst UNPLUGGED. As a group work activity, we’ll do “Send a secret message: try to send a secret message.” In the second half, we’ll have a quiz competition on Kahoot, which we all love. We’ll ask for homework questions from you, anything related to CS (computer science), and there will be a prize for the most interesting question!

Participation fee: Free

Eligibility: Elementary and junior high school students (9 to 15 years old)

Age: The content is aimed at elementary and junior high school students, but high school students and above can also apply.

What you’ll need: a computer with an Internet connection (you’ll need to install Zoom) is needed.

How to participate: We will inform you Zoom URL once you apply.

Application: bit.ly/csinenglish5

Instructor & MC

Daniel Thiyagu

Tomo Hoku Angie


All classes will be taught in English.

Parents/guardians are asked to stay close to their children as it may be difficult to use computers and other equipment.

It will be a closed class only for those who have applied for the event, but we plan to release the recorded video on YouTube and other media later with participants’ faces hidden.

Please turn on the camera as much as possible because the class will be held in a situation where you can see each other’s faces via video. If you do not want your face to be seen, please turn off the camera by yourself.

We may use your photos, videos, impressions, works, and posts related to the event for the co-organizing organization’s business (including posting on the website and social media). Thank you for your understanding in advance. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let us know at the time of application.

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