• Understand why how logic is represented in computer
  • Can use NOT (including Double NOT), AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR
  • Understand how logic is used in actual program


  • statement
  • question
  • True/False
  • NOT
  • AND/OR

Play Mystery Animal Game

Go to website or using Google Home and play the game.

This is an example of computer logic and Google Home and is powered by machine learning and AI.

Computer Logic

Using questions in the Mystery Animal Questions, we introduced the concept of statements and their results (True or False). Examples we used were “The earth is round” (True) and “Tokyo is in USA” (False).

The words belong to True are: 1, Yes, right and はい. The words belong to False are: 0, No, wrong and いいえ

Logic Frineds

We are introduced four personified characters each relating to computer logic.


More Logic frineds