Kenji Imasaki

Kenji Imasaki is a test enginner at Google. He was born in Kobe, Japan and went to schools in Japan and Canada. Then, we worked for Amazon and Facebook/Oculus.


Mario Nishio

Mario Nishio is a software developer at Micosoft with emphasis on backend development that finds value in having strong communication and team-driven mindset. Currently in the world of tech to combine my passion for problem solving that sparked from my background in bio-research and my desire to create products to help others.

As a teacher at Yotsuba Gakuin, my role is to provide quality teaching of mathematics in Japanese as well as an environment that fosters creativity, cooperation, and productivity. As an American born Japanese myself, I pride myself being able to help these students with similar background as me to grow as a globally aware bilinguals.


Laurie Griffiths